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Lauren Leitner, Owner, Head Fitness Trainer

Instructor: Cardio & Sculpt Boot Camp, Bootie Camp, Yoga, Private Yoga & Zumba

Lauren Leitner, a Los Angeles native, is an owner of Affirm Fitness and our head fitness instructor. She aims to bring LA’s healthy lifestyle to New Orleans. Lauren has always been an active and “outdoorsy” girl. She knows that by eating healthy and exercising, she can get through the day without feeling lethargic. As a cook and baker, Lauren is always searching for innovative ways to integrate a healthier lifestyle with food. She owns LAUREN’S BISCOTTI, which offers lower fat baked goods for those who have a sweet tooth.

Lauren is a certified personal trainer and is also certified in YogaFit®is Yoga Alliance Certified (RYT200), TRX suspension training, Zumba and  has over 10 years of experience teaching indoor cycling in both Los Angeles and New Orleans. She is also certified in CPR and first aid.

Lauren has always loved working with group fitness and focusing on independent progress rather than competition. She believes in creating a positive and fun environment when working out. For Lauren, fitness isn’t about having the “perfect” body, but about designing a healthy and active lifestyle for yourself. Exercising outdoors is one of her passions. She believes that people should venture outside more often in order to promote a sense of uninhibited connection between the inner self and nature.