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Strength • Wellness • Achievement • Triumph

Affirm Fitness is a true outdoor fitness experience. Unlike other boot camp style programs, we offer a fun yet challenging approach to exercise.  Who wants to do the same thing everyday? We offer a variety of programs to help meet your fitness needs. From personal training to group classes, Affirm Fitness has something to meet your needs.

Many boot camps use drill style instructors who can be overbearing and cold. The class can often seem boring and sometimes feel like a repetitive series of scripted exercises. Exercise should not be a routine and finding the healthier you should not be boring. We hope to make your boot camp fun and exciting!

Affirm Fitness trainers understand that we come in many shapes and sizes and are all at different levels. From the beginner to the advanced, our instructors are trained to encourage, motivate and inspire you. They know that fitness is hard work but with the right enthusiasm and activities, fitness can be enjoyable. We want you to triumph in an environment that is empowering, supportive, and fun! We have created a non-intimidating atmosphere in order to help you reach your fitness goals.

Good old fashioned hard work, motivation and accountability in a fun group atmosphere… with others who share your same goals.